Rules and Regulations

The following rules must be followed during camp at all times. Any intended violations will result in disciplinary action including expulsion from the camp.


1. Respect all campers with kind and polite behaviour, manners and etiquette

2. No use of foul language at any time

3. Obey rules for segregation of genders

4. Dress modestly according to Islam while present at the camp, Hijab is compulsory when in public or mixed areas

5. Show courtesy to others when playing

6. Practice moderation when eating and do NOT waste food

7. Respect and protect the private property of others

8. Obey instructions from the camp staff

9. Respect the timing schedules of the program

10. Sleep timings and lights out should be observed

11. No smoking and no music at any time

12. All safety rules must be observed at all times and do not enter where prohibited


Texting and communication between campers during camp is strictly prohibited. Mobile phones are allowed but strongly discouraged and cannot be used during lecture, workshop and prayer sessions.  Texting, or using any social networking sites such as facebook or twitter and communication between brothers and sisters at camp is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught socializing electronically will be sent home without a refund and at campers’ expense.



1. All campers must attend prayers and be there on time

2. No cutoff shirts or shorts are allowed in the prayer hall

3. Shoes should be placed on the rack before entering the hall

4. Brothers and sisters will enter and exit the hall from their respective doors

5. Participation during prayers such as recitations is highly encouraged



1. All campers MUST keep their bed and dorm clean at all times

2. Campers MUST respect other dorm members

– Do not make noise when others are sleeping

– Do not turn on lights after lights out

– Do not touch other dorm member’s items without permission

3. Rubbish must be placed in the bins and not on the floor

4. Do not take long showers; be mindful of others who are waiting

5. Turn off all lights and fans when not necessary



1. Campers should read the menu before going to the server and line up to be served

2. Campers should return their trays to the kitchen staff

3. Do not leave your water bottles around the facility

– Take the bottle with you or throw it in the bin after emptying the bottle

4. All rubbish MUST be placed in the bins at all times



1. All playroom equipment MUST be used with care

2. Footballs and other equipment should be returned to the designated area after use

3. Any damage to the equipment will result in replacement charges to the camper


Camp property must be maintained with respect

Anyone found abusing the property including writing on walls or furniture will be charged a restoration fee and will be expelled from the facility