Frequently Asked Questions


CampUK caters for all age groups including children, teenagers, adults, families and the elderly. However, the only restriction is that children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult who is a parent/guardian. Groups will be divided by age for maximum enjoyment. Not all activities may be available or suitable for all age groups and all activities are led by a supervisor.

Yes. The ladies accommodation halls are completely separate from the men’s and the activities groups are either girls only or boys only. The indoor sports hall and the indoor swimming pool are covered and manned by appropriate female staff allowing privacy to play sports without hijab. Men and women will not use sports areas together at any one time. In areas where both genders get together such as dining and prayers, both genders must practice modesty and dress modestly within Islamic prescriptions of Hijab.

Check in is at 14:30 hrs on 8th Aug 2023. Check out is at 09:30 hrs on 13th August 2023. Those travelling on the London coaches need to be at their meeting point (outside Roe Green Park, Kinsbury) by 09:30 a.m. Those arriving directly to the camp by car need to check in and out at the times above, no earlier and no later respectively.

On our site you click on the book now tab where you will be able to book and pay for your ticket. Soon after you will receive an email confirmation which acts as your ticket that you should print out and bring with you. Please make sure that you check your spam folder also and that you add our site, mailchimp.com and paypal.com to your safe list.

Registration will close on 31 July 2024 but we expect most tickets to have sold out by end of June 2024 so please book early to ensure you don’t miss out. Once sold out we cannot accommodate any more guests under any circumstances. We do not allow for deposits or reservations, but we do operate a waiting list in case a space becomes free due to cancellation.

All participants are required to observe modest dress codes while at the camp. Sisters should cover themselves with loose clothing and dress appropriately so as not to appear indecent in common areas where males are present. Proper Hijab is compulsory in non-segregated areas. We recommend long clothing especially during prayers. Brothers must not wear sleeveless tank tops nor shorts during prayer and when in non-segregated areas. Long trousers and shirts must be worn during prayer.

Mobile phone use during lectures, workshops and Salah Hall is discouraged.

Fees & Transport

You will receive these details in an email closer to the time.

Please check our site for details on the fees including the Early Bird discount and the Family tickets. The price includes accommodation, meals, all activities, workshops and insurance.

We offer a coach service for guests from London (for an additional fee). Car is the most convenient alternative for other locations (parking is available). Shrewsbury Train Station serves national rail and a taxi rank operates outside. Raven Meadows Bus Station in Shrewsbury is served by National Express coaches from London and Birmingham amongst other locations.

Due to our subsidised nominal rates, we are unable to provide group discounts. However, if we have a sponsorship for particular age groups we would make it known in our price listing and on social media etc.

Cancellation Policy for CampUK:

  • Before 1st June;            5% non-refundable
  • 2nd June – 1st July;     10% non-refundable
  • 2nd July – 14th July;     25% non-refundable
  • 15th July onwards;         No refund

That is very welcome and your generous support will ensure our success and progress. Any help is most appreciated especially since our goal is to provide opportunities and good support for campers who may miss out if prices rise too high.

There are many opportunities for volunteer work at our camp. We operate two levels of volunteering; one is the staff level where you are involved in a daily schedule of operations management and the other is the general level where you will assist with activities and supervision but have less duties. You will be asked for you desired commitment level when we begin contacting volunteers. Training will be provided to all volunteers.

Please email [email protected] to be considered.

Yes money is needed for merchandise, special events, laundry machines, vending machine and snacks


Yes, there is a landline available for use when necessary.

Mobile phone reception is limited at the facility with most phone networks.

Yes, there is a wireless access point available for select users and will not be available to all participants at all times.

Yes. Besides emergency situations we recommend limited phone interaction with parents.

Safety is a top priority for our camp and JCA who are the venue hosts and activity providers. Their centre complies with Health and Safety requirements and has Public Liability Insurance. Their Safety Management System has been externally inspected and verified and each member of staff is trained to the standards depicted. Their instructors carry a First-Aid Kit on all activity sessions and hold the Health and Safety Executive Appointed Person Award. Daily safety and equipment checks are conducted and recorded. They have carried out thorough Risk Assessments for all activities. All staff have cleared undergone a DBS check. A fire drill will be given at the start of camp.

Your children will be supervised at all times. They are not permitted to go off the site unless accompanied by a member of staff. A member of JCA staff is on call 24 hours a day. In the evenings Senior Staff are on duty until 11pm and Porters patrol the grounds throughout the night from 11pm to 7am. Centre doors are secured in the evening and security barriers guard the entrance to the site. All staff members are required to wear a uniform and name badges with a photograph, any visitors to the site are also required to sign in and wear visitor badges.

Only by arrangement with Campuk staff.


Condover Hall can accommodate up to 500 people and this will be the size of our camp.

We allow this in general if your age ranges are similar. We will be assigning the dorms based on many factors and there is no guarantee that you will be able to stay with your friends. Nonetheless, we encourage meeting new friends all the time. In fact, many close friendships develop as a result of the camp experience.

Yes all accommodation blocks offer toilets and shower facilities. Families have been allocated ensuite facilities unless they been informed otherwise.

All campers will have a bed for themselves (each bed is a single size). Bedding will be provided but campers can bring their own bed sheets, pillow and coverings.

BEDDING: Duvets, sheets and pillows will be provided, but you can bring your own blankets and pillows.
CLOTHING: We suggest that campers bring old but clean clothing. New clothing may look like old clothing when returning home. Clothing should be marked with the camper’s name and a clothing list is handy when packing to make sure that everything that is brought to camp returns home.
1. Two pairs of pyjamas, including fleece pyjamas for cool nights.
2. Two pairs of shoes – (running shoes and walking shoes) and slippers for the bathroom and pool.
3. Daily change of socks and underwear, plus spares.
4. Heavy and light shirts. For sisters, long loose tops with long sleeves.
5. Warm jacket and sweatshirt or jumper.
6. Hat / cap to keep cool outside.
7. Two to three pairs of long trousers or jeans, two pairs of athletic shorts.
8. Everyone is required to have long trousers during prayers and at least a shirt. No tank tops allowed during prayers and during lectures in the prayer hall. Sisters must be covered appropriately.
9. Two swimsuits. For sisters only one piece swimwear is recommended. Swim nappies for babies.
10. Rain jacket.
11. Three to four t-shirts. Pack one white one t-shirt/top for a special activity.
12. One or two pairs of waterproof tracksuits / jogging bottoms.
13. One to two abayas for sisters or dishdashas for brothers.
14. Turbah for prayers in rooms.
15. Water canister for toilets.

1. Toothpaste, toothbrush, and dental floss.
2. Soap, shampoo, and waterproof bag to keep toiletries in.
3. Bath towel, pool towel, and washcloth.
4. Brush or comb (Please keep cosmetic items to a minimum).
5. Insect repellent & sunscreen.
6. Deodorant.

Our camp experience is designed to involve all ages in different activities and to encourage campers to meet new friends, backgrounds and communities. However, you are able to stay in a family room if you have booked as a family.

No. whilst majority have en-suite, there are family rooms that don’t have en-suite.


Activities to promote education in Islam, good moral behaviour, responsible citizens in society, leadership and public speaking. There will also be daily congregational prayers, short lectures, workshops led by various scholars and speakers, group discussions, participation in team-building exercises and of course lots of sports and physical activities. Please see our program and speakers pages.

Many activities are available, please see our activities page.

Most activities can be run in wet weather, however, if weather is extreme and activities cannot be run the Centre Manager will implement the centre’s wet weather plan.

No previous experience is necessary. All staff are fully trained to instruct children and adults from all levels of capability to ensure enjoyment for everyone.

The day starts at 7.30am with wakeup and breakfast, and ends at 11pm with lights out. All campers in dorms will be woken for Fajr prayer. The camp program can be viewed on the program page.


Three meals will be served daily and the menu changes every day. We will offer a variety of cooked meals to please various tastes. Our meals are generally very health and of course halal.

Breakfast will consist of a choice of cereals or cooked breakfast with cheese, sausages, toast and scrambled eggs, with a choice of tea, coffee or juices. Lunch could be fish fingers, new potatoes and peas or salad bar, with apple pie and ice cream. Dinner can have soup, roast chicken, roast potatoes and mixed vegetables, with rice pudding.

Yes. Please let us know what medical requirements you have in the registration form. We will do our best to cater for your needs and if we cannot we will inform you as soon as we can.

We will need to know in advance of any medical complaints or illnesses and treatments required during their stay on the registration form. Any medication must be handed to reception upon arrival with details of dosage, administration and storage requirements. Staff are also on hand with first aid qualifications and pre-established links with local doctors, dentists and hospitals in case of emergency. Full records of treatment will be documented and parents/guardians will always be alerted in a real emergency.